COVID – 19 Updates

June 13th 2020:
Is this the beginning of the much feared second wave of this deadly pandemic. Beijing has moved into a war time emergency mode. This is ominous.

June 11th 2020:
The WHO has not exactly covered itself in glory as it waters down an earlier announcement it made on the infectivity of the COVID 19 virus.

June 8th 2020:
The European Heart Journal is a peer reviewed official journal of the European Society of Cardiology. This is an article published recently. It connects the pandemic, the health care worker and the Bhagavad Gita by an insightful, thought provoking write up.

May 27th 2020:
Murky covert financial dealings involved in hyping one anti COVID drug over another!! Shocking revelations.

May 24th 2020:
This is very heartening news indeed and could modify management of COVID 19 in the future.

May 23rd 2020:
Its like taking a bit of every soldiers salary to fund the army. Shocking.

May 22nd 2020:
The new hot spot is becoming hotter.

May 2oth 2020:
The Indian Namaste is being preferred across the world. Namaste means: the divinity within me bows to the divinity within you. What a beautiful thing to say as a greeting.

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