A Second opinion on your coronary angiogram may be considered in the following:second opinion on coronary angiogram

  • Redo operation has been advised after a previous operation.
  • Aneurysms of the heart associated with heart failure.
  • Blocks in multiple arteries of the heart at multiple locations.
  • Repair or replacement of a damaged heart valve.
  • Closure/repair of heart defects by a device (percutaneously) or by open heart surgery
  • Current treatment is not working.
  • Current doctor is not sure what is wrong with you.
  • Current doctor is “difficult to talk  to” evades questions
  • You are not responding to the treatment as expected.
  • You’ve been recommended an experimental / controversial treatment.
  • If you are considering participating in the clinical trial of a new drug.

second opinion coronary angiogramA second opinion on your coronary angiogram provides answers to:

  • “Do I really need the procedure my doctor recommended for me?”
  • “Is the procedure recommended for me the right one?”
  • “Is there a more recent or safer alternative”.
  • “Is there a non-surgical option that may be just as good in my case?”
  • “Does my doctor have the expertise and experience for the procedure I need?”
  • “What is the quality of life can I expect after my procedure?”