If you are happy with what you’ve heard or seen of us, drop us a line or get in touch and contact the clinic. We are listening and would love to hear from you and be of help. If yours is a first time consultation, please remember to bring along, all your relevant previous medical records.


contact the clinictheheartandlungclinic.com address 3A, Swagat Charu Buildings, 123 Cowley Brown Road, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA

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theheartandlungclinic.com mobile     +91 89038 20439, +91 73391 08847

+91 89038 20439

theheartandlungclinic.com email       theheartandlungclinic@hotmail.com

theheartandlungclinic.com web      www.theheartandlungclinic.com 


Locate the clinic:

For directions from Coimbatore International Airport, click here.
For directions from Coimbatore Junction Railway Station, click here.
For directions from Gandhipuram Bus / Coach terminus, click here.


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The clinic does not offer emergency medical services for urgent or crisis situations or treatment for patients who are acutely ill. 
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