The Clinic

The the heart and lung clinicteam at the heart and lung clinic under Dr. S.K. Varma offers advice and professional help for all diseases of the heart, lungs, mediastinum, oesophagus and major blood vessels of the circulatory system  that may need surgical intervention for their effective treatment . If You plan a visit to the clinic and have had previous consultations or medical treatment, please remember to bring all your previous related /relevant medical records / test results etc. when you come. Also, ensure that you have scheduled / confirmed an appointment with the clinic before you arrive. “Walk in” consultations are discouraged.

The web page of the clinic

The web page of the heart and lung clinic, apart from providing information about the clinic itself, also seeks to disseminate reliable, in depth, authoritative and relevant  information about the human heart, lungs, other structures in the chest and the major blood vessels of the circulatory system. The information on this web  site is meant to be a supplement to a direct, “in person”consultation with an appropriately qualified and experienced professional doctor. The clinic and this website seeks to disseminate authentic and authoritative information about diseases of the heart and lungs. It is hoped that this information will be useful to you if you need to make important decisions about your health if the need arises.

the heart and lung clinicThis site of the heart and lung clinic also links to other web sites of professional bodies, research resources, drug information and journals from where additional knowledge and information can be obtained. This portal is not  a substitute for an actual consultation with a doctor but seeks to complement it. This synergy hopefully will allow web page users / visitors to make more informed decisions about their health and well being. The portal aims to help you along, in your journey to become a happier and healthier YOU.

The Heart and Lung Clinic Team

We, at the heart and lung clinic, fully realize that  health concerns related to the heart and lungs may evoke a sense of fear, anxiety and negative emotions. We, at the clinic, can assure you that we will do what ever is possible  to allay these fears. We, at the clinic, will do our utmost to ensure that all your interactions with our team will be comfortable, pleasant,  and well worth the time and effort you take to reach our doors. We, at the clinic, firmly believe that the truth has to be conveyed without any sugar coating or raising of false hopes.

the heart and lung clinicThe heart and lung clinic does not offer emergency medical services for urgent or crisis situations or treatment for patients who are acutely ill.

As the COVID 19 pandemic sweeps across the world, we feel that out visitors / web site users would benefit with  relevant statistics related to this global health crisis. a small section of this website to keep you updated with the most recent statistics related to this dreadful viral disease. The stats are from reliable web sources and are “live”.

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