The Heart and Lung Clinic

The Heart and Lung Clinic is a centre for consultation for the diagnosis, treatment and followup of illnesses / the heart and lung clinic homediseases related to the heart (cardiac), lungs (pulmonary), great vessels (vascular), and the spaces around them (mediastinum), which may need surgical intervention at an appropriate time. 

Dr. S.K. Varma a senior consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon with over 30+ years of post-qualification experience is available for consultation at the clinic. The clinic provides care with the highest level of medical expertise, honesty, ethics and transparency.

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery is the branch of medicine that deals with the surgical treatment of all the organs and structures inside the thorax (chest), and the great vessels of the circulatory system (both inside and outside the chest).the heart and lung clinic Important organs inside the chest include the heart, lungs / major airways, esophagus (food pipe), great vessels of the circulatory system, thymus gland (involved in ensuring immunity from infections) and the spaces between these organs and structures (the mediastinum).

Surgical procedures on the heart are known as cardiac surgical procedures. Surgical procedures on the other thoracic organs and structures constitute general thoracic surgery. Surgery on the great vessels inside and outside the chest is widely known as vascular surgery.

The Heart and Lung clinic is a centre for non emergency professional consultation only.  If any the heart and lung clinic further investigations or diagnostic tests are required before a comprehensive diagnosis can be arrived at, the locations where these tests can be done will be explained in detail. After a complete diagnosis is arrived at, if surgical treatment is warranted, it can be done under the supervision of Dr. Varma. After discharge from hospital, the further post-discharge / surgical follow-up and further management if required, can be continued at the clinic.

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