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The Heart and Lung Clinic is a centre for the diagnosis, treatment and followup of illnesses / diseases related to the heart (cardiac), lungs (pulmonary), great vessels (vascular), and the spaces around them (mediastium), which need surgical intervention. 


Heart News

If your coronary arteries are calcified on CT angiogram, and you have a family history of heart disease, you have a high risk of dying from heart disease says a new study


Young women fare much worse than young men after a heart attack. A surprising finding from a new study


A useful primer on exercises after having been diagnosed to have heart disease


The renal protection that "off pump CABG" supposedly offers may be only of temporary benefit



Lung News

Severe HINI respiratory failure successfully treated with ECMO


Sobering advise indeed. the myth of "responsible drinking busted". NO AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL IS SAFE.


A useful free online resource for people who wish to quit smoking


A useful online support group resource for people with lung diseases


The true story of how Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas quit smoking


Other News

Baby Tiarna Gray (all of 18 days of age) became the worlds youngest recipient of the "Berlin Heart"(total artificial heart) while she waits for a suitable donor for a heart transplant


E - Cigarette fumes linked to cancer says a new study. They are not as benign as previously thought to be


Polluted air now linked to heart beat irregularities (arrhythmias) and blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolism)


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